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Top 20 Reasons Why
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My Answers To ALL Your
Toughest Questions ...

From: The Desk Of Lloyd Irvin
Date: December 13, 2010
RE: Your Toughest Questions!

Recently, I asked YOU and other Martial Arts School Owners interested in my upcoming MMA Millionaire Blueprint Event…

“If you had the choice to have me make sure that I cover 3 of your most important items that you want to learn, what would they be?”

… and … I received an avalanche of feedback!

Once the response died down, It was time to go to WORK

FIRST, I poured through all the responses. I Read Every. Single. One.

Not just once, not just twice, but went through the multiple spreadsheets of responses three or more times.

(I wanted to be deadly sure I understood exactly what YOU wanted to learn—what was going to help you MOST in your business!)

SECOND, I grabbed my laptop and spent hours going over all my presentation slides … handouts … and all my other teaching materials to make absolutely SURE if there was something on your list that I didn’t cover—it was added IMMEDIATELY.

I had already been preparing for this seminar for months … so … to get focused enough to go through every last bit of material AGAIN—I had to go into my famous “Android Mode” just to get it all done.

But the results were WORTH it!

I’m 100% convinced now that I’ve bumped up the amount of immediately ACTIONABLE information you will take home as an attendee by at least 50% … and … I’ve made sure I’ve got every, single, one of your most pressing concerns, questions and inquires totally and completely answered.

That means you’ll come in with questions about how to make it all work … get the answers you need (and many times accompanied by “done for you” or “copy & paste” solutions) … and … be able to go home and get new students, more signups, and more upgrades right away.

When all was said in done, the MOST responses I got revolved around FOUR big areas:

  1. Lead Systems
  2. Sales Systems
  3. Retention Systems
  4. Upgrade Systems

Almost all your questions could be fit into one of these 4 main areas of running an ultra-successful Martial Arts School.

The GREAT NEWS is that I’m going to cover each one of these areas in EXHAUSTIVE detail!

In fact, here’s …

The Top 20 Secrets You Will Discover
(That YOU Told Me You Wanted To Know)
When You Join Me January 6th-9th!

1. The Absolute Best Ways To Get Leads Offline At Low-Cost And High Response

I hear you! It seems like advertising offline is expensive and it’s hard to get a good response—but wait till you start using my proprietary methods!

I’ll hand you the secrets of:

  • How to get newspaper advertising at up to half off the card retail rate. (This alone could bump your return on investment up over 100%!)
  • The Number 1secret local magazine that I use for advertising. (This publication consistently brings in awesome responses in the DC/Metro area. If your school is near me you can use the same one, but it its not I can show you how to find hidden opportunities like this in your own back yard.)
  • Find out how I get my advertisements in magazines every month and pay up to 70% less than all my competitors. (This simple secret takes just 15 minutes to implement.)
  • Simple secrets you have to know about offline newsletters and how to make them pay. (And the big mistakes most people are making.)
  • 3 easy ways to make television ads pay! (Why most people can’t and what you should do differently.)
  • And much, MUCH MORE!

2. The Best Ways To Start On The Internet With A Small Budget And Get The Most Response

You demanded I show you how to start getting traffic, leads, and signups using the internet for LOW cost—I’m answering!

If you think you have to have a budget of thousands of dollars to start doing search engine optimization or driving traffic to your site, you’re wrong, wrong, WRONG!

When you join me this January, you’ll get my very best (and just recently discovered) dirt-cheap and even FREE methods to getting your website up (even if you’re NOT a tech-guy, like me!) and driving thousands of visitors to it.

Here’s just a taste of the top 3 FREE methods I’ll show you to drive massive amounts of traffic and leads online …

#1 MMA Viral Domination 2.0:

FREE Method, Like "Article Marketing On Steroids"
Gets You An Avalanche Of Traffic To Your Websites!

This will show you how to save massive amounts of time and ...

  • How to write one simple article and, using my proprietary system, automatically transform it into a pod cast, audio, press release, and other forms of media that blanket the internet...
  • The way I use these viral campaigns to get loads of free traffic back to my sites, my social media profiles, etc ... which turn into leads, and eventually paying customers ...
  • And how my credibility and and online "presence" gets boosted each and every time i do this!

And we're just skimming the surface of what an automated MMA viral marketing machine like this will do for your martial arts school!


#2 The Brain Transplant
Video Marketing System:

Combines The Power Of Email Marketing With
Super-charged Conversion Potential Of Online Video!

This is my latest strategy to take full advantage of the power of online video and combine it with street smart email marketing to increase profits. Here's an outline of what you'll discover ...

  • How to set up squeeze pages and other lead capture pages that automatically segment your leads based on their needs and desires ...
  • My exact video marketing sequence that I send through email ...
  • And how I combine these videos with normal auto responders to sell people on the exact wants and desires that they are looking for.

Bottom line? Expect to see 100-200% increase in conversion from your leads using this method!

Plus, right now online video is hot, hot, hot! Almost no one in the martial arts niche (except me of course) is marketing with video and you'll be on the cutting edge of what's working right now better that anything else.

Not only that, but your leads and prospects will actually ENJOY marketing like this (that's why it helps your conversion rates so much.)

#3 The 5 Step, SEO Assassin Method 6.0:

My Fool-Proof Five Step System For
Dominating Search Engines For
Local Key Words
Proven To Get You 1st Page Results On Google
-- In As Little As 4 Minutes!
) ...

I unveiled this method at my first seminar where, as i was showing the method, I managed to get get one of my pages ranked on the first page of Google in under four minutes. But since then, I've made even more improvements to the system.

You'll discover all 5 of the simple steps to implementing this in your business (and profiting from it) right away.

Step 1: "Keyword Sniper" will show you how to find the local keywords that tons of people are searching for but are "low hanging fruit". (No one else is targeting these, and you'll rank easily for them!)

Step 2: The "Search Assassin" will break down my entire strategy for how we're going to rank on page one for Google for that particular keyword (and any others that are closely related to it!)

Step 3: Is my "Blog Bully" system that allows me to put up a blog with (literally) the push of a button, and have a search optimized web site right away ...

Step 4: I call this "The Takeover" which is the specific linking strategies, tweaks and other SEO tactics i use to push my sites further up the page ...

And Step 5: "Domination". Because after doing steps 1-4, most of my sites rank 7-8 out of the top 10 search results for the keywords i choose! When you have visibility like this on the search engines, your competitors don't stand a chance!

3. How To Use Dirt CHEAP Direct Mail, Flyers, Signs And Postcards To Get a Flood Of Leads And Responses

Confused about how to make direct mail work for YOUR martial arts school? I’ve got you!

In today’s highly-competitive environment, you can’t just rely on online marketing because your customers are EVERYWHERE and there’s almost no better way to reach them then through direct mail … but only if … you know how to do it RIGHT.

Get it wrong and you’re just throwing your money away (you’ve probably discovered this yourself if you’ve ever tried direct mail and it “didn’t work”!)

I’ll show you all my secrets to get started with a TINY budget and start making money with direct mail, here’s just a taste:

  • CHEAP post card solution that cost 80% less than a typical direct mail piece.
  • The one specific thing you should have on ALL your direct mail pieces that only 1 in 1,000 martial arts school owners ever uses.
  • How I use mailing lists from companies like InfoUSA to make great profits. (And why other martial arts schools are breaking even and even losing money on this. Guaranteed responses and return on investment!)
  • 3 easy ways to make sure your direct mail copy gets the results you need. (How to make them open it, read it and call you to find out more.)
  • How to use direct mail to build deeper, stronger relationships with current students so that they will spend more money in your school, and actually thank you for it.
  • And much, MUCH MORE!

4. How To Use Paid Traffic Sites (Like Adwords, Facebook, etc) Without Losing Money

One of your biggest questions was how to effectively use paid advertising online to get signups to your school … WITHOUT … wasting thousands of dollars. I have the answers!

I regularly hang around some of the most successful paid advertising specialists in the WORLD. And that’s not an exaggeration! Just one of my platinum mastermind members, Greg Davis, is nicknamed “Mr. 50K A Day” because he regularly grosses $50,000 and up PER DAY by driving paid traffic to affiliate offers.

Think you could learn something from him? I know I have … AND … I’ll share it with you.

The Bottom Line? I KNOW what works. I’ve been using Google Adwords and other paid advertising solutions for YEARS to drive highly-qualified leads to my school. I’ve done it. It makes me a ton of money and I will teach you to do it too.

Even better: I’ll show you how I got started profitably when I was still broke, no car, and living in my mom’s house!

5. How To Get Your Website SEO Optimized and Get FREE Traffic!

One of your biggest questions was how to get your websites SEO optimized so they bring you thousands of visitors FREE … without … having to spend additional thousands of dollars to hire somebody to do it for you.

Let me tell you: I’m NOT good with technology. But I still dominate the search engines for all my important keywords. How? I know either 1.) simple solutions to do this or 2.) cheap ways to outsource this work. And I’ll share with you BOTH.

Imagine This ... when someone in your area types in whatever martial arts style you're offering ...
YOU show up first! That’s exactly what happens for me (screenshot below) and I’ll show you … … how to do the exact same thing either dirt cheap or FREE! Don’t miss this.

6. How To Convert Website Clickers Into Leads/Opt Ins And Get Higher Conversion Rates

You’re telling me: “Lloyd, I’m starting to get a lot of traffic to my sites from what you showed me, but I’m not getting a lot of optins or people calling my school—how can I do this better?”

I hear you and I’ve Got the ANSWER!

If you look at the screenshot below, you’ll see one of my optin lists that has THOUSANDS of emails of people interested in my Martial Arts School:

I'll show you how to turn MORE of those "lookers" into "interested prospects" who sign up to your email lists (And of course I'll show you everything you need to know about email marketing) ... who eventually become "interested visitors" to your school ... and then ... they sign up for your classes and other services!

The cold, hard facts are:

  • I’ve got email lists with tens of THOUSANDS of prospects on them. I KNOW list-building backwards and forwards.
  • I’ve been building and using my email lists to promote my school since I first discovered email marketing—it’s one of my “core skills” that I used to become a millionaire.
  • I can show YOU how to improve your results—almost instantly—after doing this for years and years I know the small changes that produce BIG results.

If you’re at all interested in email marketing and getting your website to generate more leads, you need to spend 4 days with me in January. It will be worth many times your investment, I guarantee you that.

7. What To Do With Every New Internet/Offline Lead, Step-By-Profitable-Step!

One of the most-asked questions I got was:

“Lloyd, what are the specific steps to take to follow-up with the leads I’m generating?”

And I’ll show you EXACTLY what I’m doing, step 1, step 2, etc … so you know … beyond a shadow of a doubt … how to best follow-up with the hundreds of new leads you’ll be generating each month.

This is what separates the “wannabes” from the “players” who make it. Almost anyone can get traffic and lots of “visits” to their websites (and even calls to their schools). But if you don’t know how to follow up with those leads to get the maximum number of conversions to students –then you’re DEAD in the water.

Luckily, I’ve invested over $100,000 in buying information products … trying different techniques and systems … testing different follow-up campaigns … and … figuring out what really works for Martial Arts School Owners like us.

When you come to my event. I show you what you need to know, what works for me, and will work for you too. It’s that simple.

8. How To Market Specifically To Get Kids And Women Into Your Programs

A lot of people want to know how to tap into and dominate the super-lucrative market of Kids and Women … well … I’m going to do even BETTER than show you what to do!

I’m going to give you a license to steal two of my most successful ways to get child students and make the maximum amount of profit from this special demographic of students:

Done-For-You "Stealth"
Child-Marketing System!

(A $25,000.00 VALUE)

This is how I get hundreds of kids to sign up to my school every year. I call it a "stealth marketing" campaign because it uses an insiders technique to promote your school without looking like it a promotion at all (that means nobody can copy you and get a higher response rate!)

How This Post Card Marketing System Will Make You Money
As Soon A You Leave My Conference On 100% Auto-Pilot …
(*like a great employee working for you
but you pay him no salary or benefits, he needs no vacation days,
and needs no supervision!)

  1. You simply copy and mail the inexpensive little postcard I give you. (I’ll show you the missing piece -- exactly who to mail it to for the most profitable response)
  2. Qualified parents receive your post cards and are immediately intrigued.
  3. A certain percentage of these prospects will call you immediately to schedule a visit to your school.
  4. The remaining parents will receive an additional 2-3 post cards in the mail.
  5. In the end, about 15% of these parents will want to schedule an appointment to sign their child up for a free 30 trial at your school.

Sound easy? It should. Sound profitable? It is!


Automatic Student Upgrade & Up sell
Child-Marketing System!

(A $25,000.00 VALUE)

This is my complete system I use to take all the leads I generate with the previous child marketing system ... and ... take them from free trial sign ups, automatically, into paying students.

Then, it works for you to convert those paying students into higher-paying students by getting them to sign-up to one of your higher-level programs ...

Next, it gets a small percentage of THOSE students to upgrade themselves to an even higher level, and so on ...

Again, this all happens automatically for you with this marketing campaign because you just implement it in your business and the marketing system takes care of the rest.

And that’s just a TASTE of the methods I have for you to tap into the lucrative kids and women markets!

9. Everything You Need To Know About Handling Phone Leads, From A to Z …

You want step-by-step instructions on how to get better results on the phone? You want scripts? You want detailed instructions to handle this incredibly PROFITABLE area of your business?

I give you the answers you NEED! Here’s just a taste of what I’ll share with you …

  • Use my custom scripts and templates to turn almost every phone inquiry into a paying customer. (Without suggestive or “pushy” selling.)
  • I’ll give you specific instructions on how to delight and satisfy every single customer, whether you’re calling to remind them of an event or ask them for a payment.
  • How we handle phone calls differently than almost every other school (this ALONE is worth THOUSANDS to you!)
  • And much, MUCH MORE!

If you were to have me come to your school and train your staff on all the phone and in sales processes that I use in my own school to increase sales and customer satisfaction, it would run you about $15K-$25K. But if you bring your staff to my event, they’ll get this training (and much more) for PENNIES compared to that!

10. How To Systematize Your New Student Intro Classes And Sales Presentations For Better Signup Rates

Arguably NOTHING is more important than making sure that every new person that you get to visit your school gets the BEST chance to sign up that you can produce … or else … you’ve most likely wasted hundreds or thousands of dollars generating that hot, interested lead.

That’s why I KNOW you want and NEED this important information and I’m going to give you my exact formula to follow, step-by-step …

  • The exact system I use to give people a first day tour of my school.(And how I use that opportunity to build rapport, trust, familiarity and get them lining up with their credit cards in hand to sign up for a trail.)
  • 5 things you must make absolutely sure none of your employees are doing! (This could kill your credibility, and make your customers unhappy, and most school owners have no idea they’re making these mistakes!)
  • The quickest way to train your staff that will have them wanting to learn and do better at their jobs.)
  • The best thing you can do to make sure your team is providing great customer service ALL THE TIME and not just when you’re in the building. (And how not doing this could cost you students and employees.)
  • And a whole lot MORE!

Because this is such an important area of your business to optimize, I’ll go deep into …

11. Sales Techniques That Really Work To Get New Students To Sign Up Now (Without Being Pushy Or High-Pressure!)

You told me you want sales systems that REALLY work (not sleazy techniques or “tricks”) … and … that’s what I’m going to deliver!

I’ll share with you my “in person sales funnel”—the exact steps that all the walk-ins and phone-to-first-visits go through as soon as they step foot into my school.

This is priceless information on how to increase your close rates and selling skills … AND … absolutely VITAL information for all of your office staff to have!

12. How To Stand Out & Be Able To Charge Premium Prices (That Your Students Will WANT To Pay!)

One of the biggest questions I’ve gotten is how to charge PREMIUM prices and organize your services and product offerings so your students will WANT to pay you higher fees than your competition …

And once again: I’ve got the formula to do this over and over again!

  • How to charge more than your competitors. (And the smartest ways to spend some of that extra money on marketing, advertising, salary increases, school renovations and much more. Your students will be happy to pay this.)
  • How you can increase prices with your EXISTING students without losing them. (And guarantee they’ll be happy to pay.)
  • The #1 way to get parents to sign their kids up quickly and fall in love with you and your instructors. (And how most school owners talk to parents ALL WRONG.)

And commanding higher fees is just one of the ways to make extra money in your school. I’ll also show you …


13. How To Maximize Your Profits By Plugging Profit Leaks In Your School

This question is a GREAT one because your school could make $1 Million Dollars Per Month but if your profit is only $100 Bucks Per Month—you’re still just wasting money and spinning your wheels!

Let me show you how to streamline your processes … plug your profit leaks … and fill the money-wasting cracks in your advertising, marketing, budgeting, and customer service divisions.

Believe me—I’ve learned secrets not 1 in 1,000 school owners knows about plugging profit leaks because I’ve been running my seven figure plus school for years … and … I’ll share it ALL with you!

14. How To Follow-Up With “Dead Leads” Or People Who Heard Your Sales Pitch But Didn’t Sign Up Right Away

This is another great question and one I will answer thoroughly, and even give you examples of EXACTLY what’s working for me to follow up with “dead” leads.

Think about it: of all the people who called or visited your school in the last 12 months … how much EXTRA profit would you be making if you had converted an extra 10% of those people who walked away into paying members?

A LOT—That’s for sure!

So come to me, plug your profit leaks, and convert more “no’s” into “Yes’s!” with my proprietary systems.

15. How To Make 30-Day Trials Work For Your School & Get A Large Portion of Signups To “Cash Out” Before The Trial Ends

Don’t worry—I got you! I have TONS to share about making 30-Day Trials Work For YOUR School! I’m going to break it down for you, step by step, and show you exactly what I’m doing, and how you can do it too…

  • Watch me break down me system and show you real numbers to explain exactly how I use this 30 day free trail to actually make money.
  • Learn what I do to practically ensure that 80% of people who sign up for my free trail become paying members at the end of the month. (This is no gimmick or exaggeration. 80% is my actual rate of conversion…)
  • Forego the hassle of dead end prospects and let me teach you how to recognize and avoid all those little time wasters that are looking to take advantage of you and your staff. (Weed out the freeloaders and find the real students!)
  • Use the same strategies as me to advertise your free trials in all your marketing and increase your response rate an average of 300%!
  • What I did WRONG in the beginning, what you’re probably doing wrong now, and how to avoid those mistakes. (Cut through the learning curve and make it work for your school even FASTER!)
  • And much, MUCH MORE!

16. How To KEEP The MAXIMUM Amount Of The New Students You Generate (Customer Retention On Steroids!)

Ever feel like the new students you’re generating each month are just barely covering the students who quit the month before?

I used to feel like that too … until I figured out the customer retention secrets that REALLY work. This was a HUGE breakthrough for me… and … to make REAL money in this business you need to focus on your customer retention!

17. How To Systematize Your Enrollment, Referrals And Customer Service Programs By Getting Your Staff To Work Better & More Consistently For You.

You asked this question because it is vitally important. In fact, you absolutely can NOT have a profitable school if you’re staff isn’t on the same page as you.

I’ve got two solutions for you:

1. I’m going to give you my processes … show you my systems … and … answer all your questions about whipping your staff into shape … PLUS …

2. I’m offering to train your staff for a VERY discounted price as well! This is HUGE and I would normally charge $25,000 or more for a full day’s worth of consulting and training your staff—so don’t miss this opportunity!

When you come to my event, you’ll optimize your staff and employees and start seeing compounded results in your business—guaranteed.

18. Secrets Of “Internal Ascension Ladder Marketing” -- How To Get More Cash-Outs, Upgrades And Money From Each Member Of Your School!

You’re telling me “Lloyd, I wanna make more money with each student, but I don’t want to compromise my reputation and ethics to do it—HELP!?”

Again, I GOT YOU! You don’t have to be a bastard or a “McDojo”. There are literally hundreds opportunities to make loads more money from each student. I call them hidden profit centers.

  • Use exclusive clubs and memberships to upgrade your students and make them want to spend more money.
  • The absolute BEST way to get more profits on belt promotion days. (Without coming off like a thief or hustler.)
  • If you own a “pro shop”, then you can increase sales of your equipment, training gear, uniforms and anything else you might have to offer.
  • How to launch (if you so choose) a super simple, yet highly profitable, info marketing campaign to add additional profit streams to your business.
  • And much, MUCH MORE!

19. How To Start With Almost No Money, Make Profits And Reinvest To Snowball Your Marketing Budget Into A Profitable Activity

Almost EVERYONE asked this question:

“How Can I Get Started With A Limited Marketing Budget And Start Seeing Profits ASAP?”

Well, even though I’m a multi-millionaire NOW … Luckily for you … I started out broke-as-hell in this business!

I’m serious: No matter how big or small your business is NOW, no matter how much money you have in the bank NOW, no matter how bad of credit you have NOW, I have strategies and tools you can use to turn your business into what you always dreamed it could be.

If you think that you can't apply what I'm going to show you at this event because you don't have the money or resources I have -- you are wrong, wrong, WRONG.

I started out dead-broke ... living with my mom ... driving a beat up honda ... no telephone in my 300sq ft, no carpets, no mats, martial arts school using a pager to run my business ... and after discovering the secrets you're about to learn, started doubling my business again and again.

The bottom line is: I'll show you how to start wherever you are now, and give you the proven path to get you started towards a seven figure Martial Arts Business (By the way, this program is called MMA Millionaires, but my proven systems will work for any and all types of martial arts businesses!).

20. My Complete List Of Systems, Tools, Companies, And Strategic Partners I Work With

And last but certainly not least, almost EVERYONE wants to know exactly what systems I use … what software I use … what people I learn from and listen to … and how exactly it is I set everything up.

I’ll reveal it all to you. You’ll get every name, every number, every contact. My complete “Million Dollar Rolodex” will give you everything you need to know to succeed!

So there you have it!

I hope I’ve answered each and every one of your most important questions … and now … I want to invite you to …

Join Me January 6-9th For
4-Action Packed Days GUARANTEED to Get You Started
Doubling Your Business In
The FASTEST Time Possible!


Here's All The "Critical" Information You Need To Know About This Seminar!

Join Me January 6-9th For 4-Action Packed Days GUARANTEED to Get You Started Doubling Your Business In The FASTEST Time Possible!

Event: "MMA Millionaires Online Marketing Secrets 'Brain Transplant'" featuring Lloyd Irvin Jr. and his 'A' team

Date: January 6-9th , 2011, Thursday through Sunday.


Location: Washington L'Enfant Plaza hotel
                 480 LEnfant Plaza, SW Washington, D.C. 20024

An Amazing Meeting Room!

FEATURING: Comfortable Classroom Style Learning!

Most seminars and conventions cram people into uncomfortable seats that make it difficult to take notes. We take a different approach, giving you a nice “classroom-style” event so you can take notes and feel comfortable.

So you can have a glass of water, relax. We give you all this so you can be comfortable, not so we can pack people in like cattle!

YES LLOYD! I want to Get In!

Please enroll me in your upcoming
MMA Millionaire Event
January 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th.


Pay Up Front & Save Option:
($697 In Total Today, Saving you an additional $100.00!)


If you want to bring your employees, you will have the option to do so after you secure your seat.